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Welcome ZX10R Ninja Owners!!!!!
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Can all new members that haven't posted please read the admin and announcement page for the forum rules.

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 on: December 02, 2019, 08:44:59 AM 
Started by TexasTim - Last post by GRNINJA
welcome to the forum buddy ,

what model are you getting then , have you got any pics yet , and where are you going to be tearing up the street  :headbang:

 on: November 30, 2019, 09:10:51 PM 
Started by TexasTim - Last post by michael4012
Hi mate, RR very nice....do you track or are you just road??

 on: November 30, 2019, 02:04:59 PM 
Started by TexasTim - Last post by r1flyguy

Not sure the weather here will be quite the same as what your used to.

Hope you get 1 or 2 sunny dry days...... next year  [rofl]

 on: November 29, 2019, 02:45:24 PM 
Started by TexasTim - Last post by davemfox
Welcome mate  :occasion14:

Whereabouts in the UK are you now?


 on: November 29, 2019, 10:31:26 AM 
Started by TexasTim - Last post by TexasTim
Hello all,
Im new here and sat at home waiting for delivery of my RR today. I am no stranger to Kwaks and had a Gen 4 10R in the US and have been missing it since moving here. Now after getting life in order for me and the family I could finally get my hands on one again. I look forward to learning all I can from the forum and helping in any way I can.
Thanks for accepting me,
Texas Tim

 on: October 23, 2019, 01:12:06 PM 
Started by oldtimer - Last post by oldtimer
OH has decided she is having my 450 so hers is now for sale as I need something else!
Full fat CRF450R, this isn’t the X lower power model.
ProX Stainless Steel valves and springs so 2k services,
Kick start, road legal, V5, etc.
Un-breakable levers, etc.
2 sets of bodywork - black Acerbis road with lights, red off-road with number board.
OE and full Ti Scorpion exhausts,
17” Talon/Excels with tyres and OE wheels with road legal knobblies
Trailtech Vapor dash, stator, timed reg/rec, fusebox in airbox, lightweight battery pack.
Trailtech super Moto sidestand
Just rebuilt carb with ProX kit, so every jet is new and the needle - just needs final jetting to suit rider.
Some new pics will go up later showing the off-road wheels fitted with the new tyres, oe exhaust back on, etc.
She has put an offer on something else so this really has to go now as I don't have room for two MX bikes with everything else!
So offers accepted unless of course someone has an enduro that can sway her they want to swap?
£2500 ono or will swap for something more Enduro biased.

 on: October 17, 2019, 08:13:42 PM 
Started by hoggyjay - Last post by michael4012
& welcome of course  [rofl]

 on: October 17, 2019, 08:12:38 PM 
Started by hoggyjay - Last post by michael4012
Fooock me.....Night and Day difference 09 Blade & G5 ZX10  :icon_thumright:

 on: October 17, 2019, 06:11:37 PM 
Started by hoggyjay - Last post by maddog
Welcome mate. You wont be dissapointed  :occasion14:

 on: October 16, 2019, 07:49:49 PM 
Started by hoggyjay - Last post by davemfox
Welcome mate  :occasion14:


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