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Hello all,
Im new here and sat at home waiting for delivery of my RR today. I am no stranger to Kwaks and had a Gen 4 10R in the US and have been missing it since moving here. Now after getting life in order for me and the family I could finally get my hands on one again. I look forward to learning all I can from the forum and helping in any way I can.
Thanks for accepting me,
Texas Tim

Welcome mate  :occasion14:

Whereabouts in the UK are you now?



Not sure the weather here will be quite the same as what your used to.

Hope you get 1 or 2 sunny dry days...... next year  [rofl]

Hi mate, RR very you track or are you just road??

welcome to the forum buddy ,

what model are you getting then , have you got any pics yet , and where are you going to be tearing up the street  :headbang:


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