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1989 zx10 newbie here

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Hi, thought id say hello.
just bought a 1989 zx10 (tomcat for our american friends) previously owend a 2007 zx10r.
Think your going to see a lot of me, as im going to be restoring the tomcat, and asking for lots of help
its in ok condition for a 30 year old bike, runs lumpy atm but havent started looking into it yet.
I might video the resto and put it on my YouTube channel (which already has various bike related content)
If admin are ok with it, i could put a link in here (but will wait for the ok first)
anyway thanks for having me. see you soon. :headbang:

Feel free to post any of your own personal content as much as you like,

This is a bike forum for all but a lot of information is about the Zx10r

Not so much the zx10

Welcome to here though enjoy your stay

Thanks for the warm welcome

Hi mate, welcome. I cant remember much about the Tomcat, was it the same model in 87 as 89??

First video


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