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Possible New bike But what is it

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Ok so I don’t frequent here much anymore , I do accept new members daily ish, and I check the contents from
Time to time but I have certainly be away from the game...

Selling my last bike 2 and a half years ago was a tough call but needs must ...

I’ve been looking again but bike prices seem to have gone mental I bought a ten a few years back for 2800 quid , they seem to be more than 4 ish

So I’m looking else where and I have just found a steal of a bike and am viewing tomorrow ...

Finger crossed it’s gonna be alright and I’ll be back in 2 wheels ...

Can ya guess what it is

It’s still a superbike

Erm, Aprilia RSV?



--- Quote from: davemfox on July 27, 2019, 11:05:55 AM ---Erm, Aprilia RSV?


--- End quote ---

I did see one cheap but no still an in-line , on my way to it now

Ok, let's see...GSXR 1K or a 750 SRAD?



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