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I just want to say im glad the forum is back  :icon_thumright:

what an absolute nightmare it was

the power supply died on the server ... new one was out of my price remit and its an end of life power supply

I found a similar server but on first inspection it was the wrong connector for as different type of disk,

I then tried to install software on the new server but it wouldnt take the software ... i then found the old power supply from the server had a disk/power convertor on the connection so I flipped it onto the new power supply and hashed it together and brought the old one back

for how long I don't know the server is ages old now at least over 6 years the Hard drive has already been replaced and now the power supply its only a matter of time before the motherboard or memory dies

I have bought a virtual server and I am contemplating doing some sort of cron job to back up this site to the virtual server somehow

long live  :hello2:

Nicely done mate  :headbang:


Grinja I haven't got the slightest what the -uck your on about  [rofl] but well done, a horsey given & if it involves money there's a few of us that'll chip in. :icon_thumright:

I am pleased to see the site back up too, surprising ohw you miss things like this little community, well done Grinja   :icon_thumright:


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