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cadwell park 1m47.7 new personal bestlap time for me

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Link to the camera I'm using the only problem with it is you have to change the firmware on it or it just records loads of 3 minute videos I changed the firmware so it records 40 minute videos instead

Its perfect zoom for bikes but the problem i always have had is they are hard to mount properly.
Gopro and drift seem to offer the best mounts.
You can remove fisheye with gopro software but i aint got time to faf around with all that

The mounts that come with it are really good but I permanently bolted a couple to the bike but the threaded bit pulled out of the actual camera but they do a good job for the price was too embarrassed to ask the marshals if anyone had found it ha ha ha

Having owned (and lost) a drift ghost hd cam I can honestly say they're hard to beat. Excellent quality and really easy to mount without having a huge gopro hanging off the side of your head.
Since losing it I've stuck with cheap eBay cams, it's not as heart breaking losing a £40 camera than it is a £350 one.

Yeah too right id rather pay another £30 than telling the marshals i forgot to fit a lanyard lol


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