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Wednesday afternoon in Catalunya


Nothing exciting, just a 44 min video of me and my girlfriend out for a jaunt on Wednesday afternoon, showing those who haven't been to this part of the world what its like riding here midweek. My girlfriend has only been on her bike 3 times in almost 2 years, so it was just a cruise around. We start on the edge of Tortosa, ride up the Ebro valley via Gandesa, Asco and finally to Flix where we live.

Decent tarmac! Always imagined the roads top be a bit greasy over that way but itlooks good

The roads are great here, but a bit of rain and its like riding on ice because they don't use a coarse finish like in the UK, simply because they don't get enough rain. They have been filling in pot-holes on the nearest road to our farm, which is an unclassified 'surfaced track' with a 40kph speed limit, and even for a hole no bigger than your hand, it was filled with tar, rolled, sealed, and then covered with shell-grip.

I gotta say the roads do look good  :-P I think a little ole ride down to yours could be in order who's up for that

I would! Bike in the back of my van though, support truck style :)


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