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Zx10r calipers

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Do the 08 calipers fit straight in the 04 bike

No mate you will need the discs as well as there bigger :cry:,20391.0.html

That's slightly confusing that thread

So if I updated calipers I need the 08 discs as well and that's it no spacers etc ?

Yes the Gen3 calipers bolt directly onto the Gen1 forks but they sit 5mm higher (out) than the gen1 stock calipers because the gen1 stock discs are 300mm the gen3 stock discs are 310 so you either fit 310mm discs which also increases braking, or it is possible to get the faces of the Gen3 calipers machined down by the 5mm  :icon_thumright:

I have both disks and calipers off my 09 available if your after some  :icon_thumleft:


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