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Speeding on German Autobahn

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i made a hash of the replies sorry mate the one picture shows a true 189mph and the second the 194mph run that was it with a flash, top speed limiter removed, rev limiter upped & a 200/55 rear with standard sprockets :icon_thumright:

I got 203 when I had my calibrated Aim race dash on my old Gen1

i'd be lucky to get to 120 these days  [rofl]

Tom Kouwenberg:
Being an old git, fast going towards 60, my (gen 1)ZX10R is almost standard, just a BOS slip-on and K&N filter, it is fast enough for me, 2 months ago it still produced 154 bhp on the rear wheel, on a dyno, with a nice flowing curve, I will attach it, when I find it....

Tom Kouwenberg:

--- Quote from: michael4012 on November 19, 2015, 11:16:30 AM ---Yes mate i go out to Germany several times a year, the riding is so much better, & of course the Autobahns to, i like the E31 area i cross over on the E30 by Enscode.  The clock on mine when it reaches 189mph, the speed on satnav-gps is 173mph, its starange watching the revs continue to climb but the speedo stuck at 189mph.
 Hi Michael
Got a question for you, in 1998 I owned a Yamaha Thunderace, a friend of mine had a shownumberplate made for me in England, unfortunately, he is no longer with us, I stuck the plate, illegally of course, on the Yamaha and was never pulled over by the police, could you, when I sent you the money have a shownumberplate made for me and drop it by and have a coffee and talk bike at my place, when you go to Germany again? Pic shows Yamaha with, at the time, big Dutch plate and the illegal one.
Regards, Tom.
--- End quote ---

Buddy i will do that for you if necassery, but i only mail order my own any way there are lots of sites for "show plates" such as this one  you can design it your self i have the 6" x 4" its even got the EU logo  [rofl] as on this thread,23340.0.html


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