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First proper video on 2012 ZX-10R

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Hey all,

I finally got around to fitting a sticky pad to my Ninja petrol tank to hold my trusty GoPro Hero 3+ Black, and i am really happy with the footage that i shot. The road i chose to test it out on is one of my favourites not a million miles from Cambridge, where i live. The road is the B1057 from Dunmow to Haverhill passing through Finchingfield which on a Sunday morning turns into a kind of Mecca for bikes. Truly awesome bit of road, that has everything from a bit of hilly stuff, to bendy stuff, to straight bits to open the bike upon. One word of warning though is that the coppers love sitting in the villages, but if you are like me by being a goody two shoes in built up areas then you will be fine :)

Oh yeah look out for Police helicopter sign, as it makes me laugh everytime i see it. Please note that i am no Jonathan Rea/Tom Sykes, and only stroke the surface of what this bike has to offer, plus i don't want plod to come a knockin' on my door after seeing my biking on antics on YouTube. Those "other" video's will never see the light of day, if you know what i mean ;)

Check it out and let me know what you think


Great video. If the weather stays clear this weekend I'll take a run down from Bury St Edmunds and give it a go. I've not found many proper 'biking' roads in this neck of the woods but it looks good.

Nice steady run mate,  :icon_thumright:

Yeah check it out GreenyZX10R its a cracker and a video doesn't do it justice. Cheers Chappo :)

Well the weather cleared slightly this evening so I went and gave the Kwaker a run out and tried the road. Certainly the best road I've found down here in the South East/East Anglia, so far. I was taking my time as I don't know the road, but someone, who appeared to know the road, passed me on a Fireblade, and that was a red rag to a bull so engage warp speed Mr Sulu and off we went. Nice evening ride out.


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