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Drag racing at Shakespeare County Raceway

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Don't know if anyone on here has tried this, but I had my Gen 3 up at Shakespeare County Raceway today for a bit of drag racing.  My best run of the day was 10.3 at 143.1mph. Finding it hard to get the thing off the line and as can be seen in the video, this was by no means a perfect run. Wheel spin off the line (you can see it bog down as the back wheel hooks up), front wheel lifts at about 9000rpm so short shifted into second. At least another couple of tenths to come I think. If anyone else has had their ZX10R on the drag strip, let us know how you did

Some photos from the day and a slow motion video of the start of one of the runs

You've got your high beam on was some one in the way [rofl]

Great shots and little video clip.



--- Quote from: jimhas7 on September 29, 2014, 07:40:09 PM ---You've got your high beam on was some one in the way [rofl]

--- End quote ---

Hope not at those speeds  :lol:  I have a DoubleTronics fitted which runs the high beam at about 50% power all the time and high beam works on full power on flash and when switched on.  I never liked the look of bikes with just one light on.

Looks like you had fun your bike looks good mate i cant offer advice but let me know when your going next i might come along as well [clap] [clap] [clap]


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