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maxxis tyres = crashed bike

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anyone else had any experience with maxxis tyres?
I couldn't get any metzlers so I thought id give a pair of new maxxis sport tyres a go on track.
they took ages to run in and I had a few slips and slide so most of my day was wasted tip toeing around trying to gain confidence in them.
I was running tyre warmers too.
the last session of the day they finally felt like they were coming in and I managed to do a few fairly quick laps of snetterton but then this happened with no warning: cry cry cry!

Crap, you looked OK, hope the bike isn't too bad.  A good advert I think for putting the best tyres you can get on the bike.  I have never been tempted to try Maxxis and your experience just reinforces that.

I did the Chris Walker Race School and they had Maxis tyres on ........ it was a damp track and we were doing 1.02's without any drama but the instructor wouldn't let me go quicker as he was concerned the tyres would let go, say's a lot to me!!!
To be honest I would not use them on track even if I was given a set.

Crappy outcome!

Never used them and never will tbh.

I know people that do and they like em , but not for me.

I had an off on Maxxis tyres. They would never have been my choice of tyre but they were fitted to the bike I was riding at the Chris Walker Race School at Mallory Park (which was very good to be fair). The bike let go on me after entering Gerrards - a 4th gear entry on the final session when they run a Super Pole session. The bike was already warm as had immediately come off from another rider. Nevertheless I did an enthusiastic warm up lap before "Poling" and the result was a no warning low side after entry - bike settled, knee on the fllor and winding it on and away it went. Conditions were hot - it was 30c, dry so should have been sticky as. The bike was a ZX6R. I don't know what the tyre pressures were but I suspect a mix of over pressure due to the heat and cheap Chinese rubber.....The bike low sided me off, no injuries then flipped several times on the grass extensively damaging it. I'd not buy Maxxis as a direct result of that experience - I go faster on my ZX10R now on Pirelli's and Racetecs without issue.


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