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3 day Road Trip in the Alps

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Yeah were are planning to head to stelvio  :headbang:

Basically we are heading for grenoble first day the through the french alps doing some lovely passes on the way then head into italy, past milan and head towards the stelvio and furka pass i think? Then west austria, germany then home.

Weve done the french alps the last two years and ive heard the italian alps arnt bad either so i would like to reach them and have a play! Just didnt no if it was realistic as all the passes i want to do are in the north east of italy.

Yeah if you have got some good passes im likely to come accross mate fire away and il mark them out on my map  :icon_thumright:

Mark GVA:
Nice one  :occasion14:

This is a good resource for info on Alpine passes....

I'd recommend the Oberalp Pass, Susten, Furka, & San Bernardino passes... Actually, the San Bernardino will take you from Italy to Switzerland, on to the Furka, & straight into the Oberalp. The Oberalp is scenic, easy going, good surface & you can really open up. 

Best times for the Stelvio is early morning or evening & the Tibetan guest house at the top is a good place to stop over. 35euro bnb - basic, but does the job, & awesome location to wash down a few beers :icon_thumright:

Don't stay in Andermatt - nice place, f-king expensive... & avoid Swiss beer, it's shite.

Nice mate cheers for the info  :icon_thumright:
Il keep an eye out for them passes and see how we get on
Many thanks again  :icon_thumright:

Mark GVA:
How'd you get on?

Yeah really good cheers mate, had a wicked time  :headbang:
Ended up staying in the french alps again mainly as we didnt think we would have enough time to do my plan i wanted to do.
We done some bloody nice roads though i bloody love the cormet de roseland that is a pukka road, also mont cenis was one of my favorites hence the reason we had to go back and have another go  :headbang: also found out the col d liseran isnt that great apart from the scenery.
But all in all it was bloody great id love to have them roads on my doorstep  :icon_thumright:


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