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3 day Road Trip in the Alps

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Mark GVA:
Awesome 3 day trip across the French, Swiss, & Italian Alps arriving at the Passo Del Stelvio.

First clip general highlights & second (currently being edited) is the full decent of the Stelvio... (camera packed in for the ascent  [wall])

Looks amazing, enjoyed the sound track too  :headbang:

Mark GVA:
 :occasion14: An awesome trip.... hardly any speed cameras, or plod around  :icon_thumleft:

Nice video that  :headbang: im off to the alps saturday for a week and proberbly covering some of the same roads as you boys, just out of interest did it only take you 3 days to get from the french alps to the stelvio pass? Or was that back again all in 3 days?

Mark GVA:
Cheers  :occasion14:  Nice one! First day was Geneva towards Domodosola in Italy, then up to Andermatt for the night. 2nd day on to Stelvio arriving around 4pm to give some time for hooning up & down.... Then 3rd day was the return to Geneva. Around 1300kms.

You planning to go to Stelvio? Drop me a pm if you want any info on the passes.

Here's the second video.... decent of the south face, bit long at 18:29... but it's in HD & some tunes added  :icon_thumright:

& Fair play to the guy at 16mins for driving a low bed with an excavator all the way down it & round those hairpins, though I'd probably be saying something else if I was stuck in one of the cars lined up behind him....


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